Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tears Turned Into Joy

I'm sure at the death of Abel, there were tears. During the days of the "Flood," Noah and his family may have shed some tears over the destruction of humanity. However, it's not till Genesis chapter twenty-three, where the actual mention of weeping and crying is first found. God is concerned with our sorrow.

Abraham lost a wife that belongs to history. The mother of legacy, the bearer of a son of promise, a line in which many nations will be blessed. When someone we deeply love, dies, life becomes a whole lot clearer, for what had previously been theoretical, now becomes real and powerful. I think it's interesting that Abraham buries his wife in a place called "Machpelah." That name means "double doors." Could this name also have a double meaning for us? Someone once wrote that there is a door out and a door in, "When we die, our last breath on earth becomes our first breath in heaven."

We sometimes think that God talked to Abraham continuously but that's not true. Many times after God would talk to Abraham, there would be several years that would transpire before Abraham would hear God's voice again! I believe that was part of the process of truly making Abraham a man "of faith." Faith means we don't walk by what we can only see and touch, but by hanging on to what God has promised us no matter how long ago He promised it.

Science has discovered that tears are totally unique. If you examine them carefully under a microscope, you'll find that the saline crystals that make up a tear are in the shape of a cross. Maybe, it's God's way of saying, "I get it, I understand, I lost my child through death too!"

God knows what it is to rejoice and what is means to weep. Isaiah called Jesus a "man of sorrows." Jesus told us to "weep with those that weep, and rejoice with those that rejoice." Man brought death to mankind and this planet. We have inherited what sin has spawned. But there is good news, Jesus has defeated death through His own!

Your sorrow is real, but His solution is greater!

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